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Vacation Rental - Frequently Asked Questions

Guest Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I access my property?  

Each of our properties has either a designated lock box, keypad or garage code for entry. We provide this information as well as the detailed address, after you are paid in full. For security reasons we do not release this information in advance of full payment and only do so in days immediately leading up to your arrival. Please contact us if you have had any trouble or have not properly received info. 

2. What time is check in and check out? 

Check in time is 4pm. Check out time is 10am. Please note we can attempt to deviate from this process to accommodate you but make no guarantees. If you would like to pay for a late check out in advance due to your travel plans, please call us to see if this is possible. You must receive permission in writing from us, in order to check in or check out beyond the standardized times. We strictly enforce this policy as a measure of courtesy and respect to both our staff as well as other guests. Thanks for your understanding. 

3. Maintenance Services - What if I need something? 

You will have a placard in your residence that offers details on who to contact if you have a maintenance need or concern. Our office line is open from 9-5pm for general questions. Please call the maintenance line after hours if you have a concern or question. Thank you! 

4. What are the payment procedures and requirements to secure my rental? 

We require 50% down to reserve a property, with the remaining balance due 60 days prior to arrival. At this juncture, all monies are non-refundable. There are no cancellations or refunds available for any reason after the monies become non-refundable. In some extreme cases, we can move you to another property if there is an extenuating circumstance and we have the ability to help but make no guarantees that this is possible. Thank you for your understanding. We do not guarantee furnishings or decor which may change reasonably from time to time. In turn, we reserve the right in an emergency scenario, to move you to another property, should a property become uninhabitable or unsafe for any reason. 

5. What if there is no snow and it's ski season? 

We unfortunately do not offer any changes or cancellations due to weather. We all make an investment in the process of your rental for ski season and cannot control weather conditions. 

6. Should I purchase trip insurance? 

Trip insurance is the sole remedy should you elect not to take advantage of your trip to Park City for any reason, inside the non-refundability period. We always recommend but do not require trip insurance. We offer this insurance through CSA however you are always welcome to get trip insurance through an independent source. The purpose of trip insurance would be to reimburse you should an event occur making you unable to take your vacation. We do not supply refunds for vacations. 

7. What is damage insurance? 

Damage insurance is offered as a means to secure compensation to a property where the guest has accidental damage occur while in the property. The premium allows you up to a certain monetary increment that will cover you if damage occurs. Please read the details when purchasing. We offer this service via CSA. This is only for accidental damage and does not cover intentional misconduct or damage to our homes. It also does not cover common area misconduct in the neighborhood that may have caused damage. Please note guests are responsible for wanton misconduct and intentional damage to properties and we may utilize law enforcement in those circumstances in addition to billing for those charges. Damage insurance or a security deposit are required by our company in order to stay in any of our properties. 

8. Why do I pay a cleaning fee? 

With private home and condo rentals, we do not build cleaning into your nightly rate. We charge each guest a check out cleaning fee that is relative to the property's size and capacity. The cleaning fee is part of your grand total. Should you add extra cleaning to our plate as a result of negligence or disrespectful use of our property, we may bill you for extra cleaning and reserve the right to do so in extreme cases of misuse or damage. 

9. What do I do when I leave a property? 

Each property has a set of directions for departure, but in general here are a few important things. Always make sure your property is secure. lock the doors that were locked when you arrived at the home. Be sure the property is secure. Place dishes in dishwasher. Pile towels up in each bedroom or bathroom. DO NOT turn off heat in our properties. Please leave heat or air conditioning around 65 degrees or similar to how it appeared upon arrival. Be sure all electronics such as TVs are turned off. Be sure to notify us that you have departed. Thanks for your help in protecting our homes!